Horse on a Treadmill T-Shirt


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This shirt costs $25 and includes all applicable taxes and shipping (within the continental United States). The $25 also includes numerous trips to the screen printer (because we didn't settle for a lesser quality direct to garment printing solution), a professional design fee, processing fees, both from this online store and the credit card company, and time to package the shirts for delivery. You'll be supporting, owned by a small business, and thank you for that.


The shirt brand is Gildan, and from the label it's 100% preshrunk cotton. Please know your size. There will be no returns or exchanges. The shirt color is Gildan maroon and the design is as pictured above (without THEKEYPLAY.COM watermark). Sizes bigger than XL cost $3 more because the shirts and shipping are more expensive.


Shirts are shipped USPS Priority Mail (normally two-days). We do not make any shipping time guarantees. However, our goal is to work tirelessly to get you your shirt(s) as soon as possible.


These shirts were mentioned in a VA-MD Vet Med News release "Horse on a treadmill causes viral sensation".


If you have any questions, please email and ask before ordering: shop AT thekeyplay DOT com, as there will be no returns or exchanges. We'd be glad to help you!


Thank you for your order, and support of the website!